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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

11:00 pm, facebook, twitter or google+. i'm antonio mora at "consider this," and from the entire crew, thanks for watching. >> good evening. this is al jazeera america. i'm john seigenthaler in new york. president obama in japan. he's expected to speak live in a moment. taking on the mid east peace talks and the crisis in ukraine. we'll bring it to you live. let's make a deal - what a nebraska man says the fbi wanted him to do before taking him off the no-fly list. hidden lives - steps from luxury. a world away. haunting photographs and life in modern day tenements in new
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york's chinatown. the art of a scam - a mab who allegedly made millions painting fake masterpieces. how did he do it? tonight - secrets from a forger. [ ♪ music ] we begin with president obama in tokyo, the first stop on a 4-country asia trip, just as he is facing extraordinary foreign policy changes. the cold war is warming up as a result of the crisis in ukraine. there are concern about a war in syria, and a setback in the middle east peace talks. first, the president and japan's prime minister are minutes away from a joint news conference. mike viqueira joins us from tokyo. >> what can we expect? >> adding to the list is not on the radar of viewers, and that
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is a conflict between china and japan over a set of islands. you are correct. in the press conference that the president is set to have with shins shinzo abe, he and a group of aids, we can expect the american president to ask about middle east, the palestine authority and hamas and ukraine. they are likely to come up. president barack obama addressed in an interview latest issues, the dispute with china over the remote islands in the china sea. the islands that the japanese consider to be their tert dri.
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in the interview the president said the treaty between the united states, the bull work of u.s., japan relations would be enforce said if it came to armed conflict between the united states and japan over the islands. the american military would get involved. a sobering thought far fetched in some minds. >> tell us about the trip? >> they are trying to foster closer relationships or a perception of friendship on a personal level between the two leaders. shins hosted -- abe hosted the president at a small sushi restaurant. the president said it was the
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best sushi he had. there has been applicanty of pomp and circumstance. it was a state visit. there was a ceremony coming through that. the emperor and his wife greeted pam re on the groundsof the imperial palace. there's the reviewing of the troops, a press conference coming up in minutes now, the president will be visiting the shrine in tokyo, and a state dinner before tomorrow morning. a few more events wrapping up in tokyo, and a set of contentious issues in seoul, south korea. it is a grief-stricken nation recovering from the tragedy of the ferry. geopolitical issues. no one needs to be reminded about the threat and provocative behaviour between north korea. >> we'll get to the press conference. thank you
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demnow to the state of play ukraine. >> washington called the comments from the kremlin loud crows. the u.s. is deploying hundreds of u.s. troops to eastern europe, taking part in a month of military exercises meant to the bolster allies. about 150 paratroopers arrived in a base at north-western poland. more are due in estonia, latvia and lithuania. the former commanding general said it sends a message of resolve and readiness on washington part when it comes to russia's next move. >> i think it's unusual, because it's unplanned but shows over years of practice and cop operation between the n.a.t.o. allies, that we can do this quickly. that in and of itself sends a signal.
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it isn't days and weeks in the make, it was immediately. it was announced and now they are there. airborne troops were flown in to poland and the ball ticks and are prepared to exercise in an unplanned man are. it's a significant signal that we are prepared to stand with the allies. >> kiev is restarting effort to drive out pro-russian activists. they refused to leave government buildings. jacky rowland has this reported from slovyansk. rmpingts pro-russian activists reinforced barr sads around buildings -- barricades around buildings. they have heard been anti-terror operations being relaunchted. they say they are not worried. >> this is not an ultimatum. we don't consider his words to be action. he doesn't do anything. he's a false governor. >> the operation is apparently
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going to focus on breaking up what the government in kiev describes as gangs. the people behind the sandbags are ready to resist attacks. besides, they know the last time kiev sent the army in many soldiers were unwilling to confront pro-russian demonstrators. it emboldened the rebels. >> it was the abduction and murder of a politician, arguing with demonstrators that triggered the provision. kiev has proof that russia was involved in his interrns. >> it comes a day after the u.s. vice president visited kiev and promised support for the government. as the standoff with russia intensified. they need all the help they can get. >> we hope if there is aggression from the russian federation, the u.s. assistance will be substantial. at least we have the support of the united states. they will not leave us alone with the aggressor.
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>> the resolve of the ukraine and united states to resist russian involvement may be tested sooner rather than later. moscow says if it's interests are attacked in ukraine, it will respond. >> now, president obama is also keeping a close eye events in the middle east. a major development with fatah and hamas reunited. many consider hamas a terrorist organization. >> what does that mean? we have this report. >> hamas and fatta agree to form a group. the leaders believe the time is now to make a change. >> the fact of the matter that we both, if we are not moving
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quickly, then the israeli will weaken both of us, and there is no future palestine state. >> the groups have been at odds and at war with each other sips 2007. following hamas's win. since then, hamas has independently ruled the 40km-long gaza strip , home to nearly 2 million palestinians. palestine's president governed the west bank. previous reconciliation agreements failed in the past. if it is successful. it could be a win/win situation. if adds a legitimate wind during ongoing talks with the israelis, and for hamas, it may loosen a blockade on gaza by the egyptians and israelis. >> the two sides signed deals in
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2011 and 2012, but never with the result of unification. many say they are disappointed in the leaders, but hope it will be different. they are still skeptical. >> translation: i support reconciliation. we have to be one nation, no section. just a palestine nation. i don't think fatah and hamas will succeed. >> in gaza, one activist says the unity is needed to stand up to israel. >> translation: we sing to fatah and hamas for the sake of palestine. you must be unified against the israeli occupation. >> the decision comes at a crucial time, went the u.s.-led talks between israelis and palestinians appear to go nowhere. israeli's prime minister binyamin netanyahu gave mahmoud abbas an ultimatum. >> instead of choosing peace with us, he chooses peace with
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hamas. he hats to choose, peace with hamas or peace with israel. i hope he chooses peace, so far he hasn't done so. >> some say it's not as clear cut. and no one knows how the future talks will be impacted. >> coming up, we are waiting president obama's press conference from japan. you are looking at live pictures inside the palace. it's scheduled in a few minutes. we bring it to you live. >> the battle obvious a keystone pipeline, why a banner and glitter led to bioterror charges glitter led to bioterror charges against act vits. [ grunting ]
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of course, we'll bring it to you live in a moment. in the meantime we are covering the keystone pipeline. the plan bringing oil from canada to texas. a highly charged battle. two accounts visits are facing bioterrorism charges. we have this report. . >> reporter: this is what happened at the headquarters of devon energy in oklahoma city last december, 13th. environmentalists unfurled a banner from which glitter fell. as a result the activists were arrested for simulating an act of the bioterrorism. if convicted they face up to 10 years in prison. a few blocks away the site of the 1995 oklahoma city bombing, leaving 168 dead. that's why the police say they take no chances. >> we had the bombing in 1995. domestic terrorism, one of the worst in the country. there is an atmosphere here that if a threat is made, we take it
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seriously. >> the activists say no one was threatened by the glitter. a jan tore swept it up before police brought in a team to deal with hazardous chemicals. >> i think the police are exploiting that history. i think that terrorism hoax and perpetuating an idea that nonviolence, physical dis-obeidions is terrorism. >> we are normal folks from oklahoma. we want to get a message out that is not hard. >> oklahoma is accustomed to pipeline development. here, the keystone inspired passionate opposition. and transcanada, the owner, is taking action. last year transcanada's pitch to law enforcement agencies alongs the route was exposed. among suggestions - consulting
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local strict attorneys about the applicability of terror. >> charges against protesters. police deny having seen transcana transcanada's presentation, but concede that consultation takes place after a document surfaced revealing there was a meeting with transcanada in april 2012. >> we do not take instruction from private companies. >> that man lived with the uncertainty of pending bioterrorism hoax charges, but the passion is undimmed. >> i have seen my family and land devastated by the actions of other corporations. >> how far, they accept that they cap now no longer be as active in protests against the energy companies. >> and now to mt everest, a week after the deadly avalanche. sherpa guides left the base camps and walked out in memory of fallen colleagues.
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we have this report from kathmandu in nepal. >> a stream of mourners continued to ask at this home. one of three missing guides known as sherpas, presumed dead, who rescuers are searching for since the avalanche at ever ert. friend and families are in shock. unable to take in the events. for his life the loss is upbearable. >> translation: i can't believe he's gone. it feels like i have no oneless. i can't believe it. >> with two young children under five, she's worried about who will provide for them. >> he was the center of family life, and everything revolved around him. i'm worried about my children's future. >> her brother said he lost more than an older sibling.
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>> he said if i'm not here, watch my son and daughter. you are the second guardian of my son, yes. >> while three are missing, presumed dead, several were injured and taken by helicopter to kathmandu. sherpas refused to claim until certain demands are met. the government makes more than 3 million a year through climbing fees, sherpas make a small fraction, up to 6,000 annually. those fighting for application are talking to the government. >> sherpas are shaping the the mountain and the future, and also i'll tell everyone. >> back at the moment. families and friends hope while time is running out, he'll be found alive. >> a week of mourning has been declared by the community. a stream of people across the
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country have been visiting places like this, offering prayers and hoping those missing will be found alive and well. >> and join us tomorrow for an indepth look at the life of the world's tall u.s. mount ain'ts, who are the people that make the climb and the cost. and more about the sherpas that live there. >> the federal government's been accused of using the no-fly list as an intimidation tool. it prohibits people from getting on an airplane. four muslim many are filing a lawsuit, claiming they were put on the list after refusing to become inform ants for the federal bureau of investigation. >> four years after graduating, this map wanted to fly from nebraska to florida for a job. the airline refused to give him a boarding pass. police, as they escorted him
11:20 pm
out, they told him he was on a government no-fly list. not lopping after the federal bureau of investigation knocked on the door with an offer to remove the name from the list. >> my understanding was they wanted me to infiltrate or be an inform at in the omaha muslim community. >> he said he refused. >> my religion prohibits me as far as spying on other muslims or innocent people. >> he is one of four men suing the department of the justice. homeland security and the fbi aling the plaintiff's constitutional right were violated. >> our clients were not informed of the reasons they were placed on a no fly list. the federal bureau of investigation managers the list. part of a collection created in 2004 to monitor known and
11:21 pm
suspected terrorists. a 2007 audit by the department of justice inspector general found problems with the list. >> of the 71,000 names on the list in 2007. half were there by mistake. so much of that is not public, that we don't know what mistakes were committed. >> this man's family lives in afghanistan, but none of the plaintiffs have been accused of wrongdoing. why would the government tart them? >> the lawsuit claims it's because of pressure to intas the number of confidential inform ants. fbi agents use the no-fly list to retaliate against: >> one of the biggest problems is that there's not a lot of oversight that we have seen. >> when you have a secret government watch list, that the government can place people on or take off at will without france personsy, it laned --
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transparency, it lends itself to abuse we have seen. >> neither departments would comment. >> our plaintiffs are like you and i. they are innocent people. they work 12 hour shifts. they woken small businesses. the only reason why they are on the no-fly list is because the government is trying to use it to get them to become an inform. that is wrong. >> two american astronauts replaced a computer outside a space station. they made the space walk, fixing a computer that controls critical systems. space walks have been limited since a faulty space suit nearly drowned an astro naught. >> start thing scientific predictions that a meteor big enough to decimate a city could
11:23 pm
strike earth every 100 years, coming from a group that wants to prevent a disaster. previous estimates put it at once every 3,000 years. we turn to jacob ward, science and technology correspondent. >> we probably will not know how big the media was that exploded over russia. it's probably smaller than the one that exploded over chile, which was a foot and a half. >> it exploded with force. so much so it sun burnt some people and injured 1500 because of the sonic boom that spread across the siberian landscape. >> this is probable because of the leer yard's meetio shower, an annual event where the earth passes through the orbit. thousands of millions of years ago. we have been going through the cloud of tuft for 2,500 years.
11:24 pm
on -- cloud of dust for 2,500 years. >> fans at a rock contest managed to accidentally record a similar looking meteor. there's concern that we don't know how many asteroids struck our atmosphere at speeds of 80,000 miles per hour and greater. and one may come down the size of a city, you know, a mountain, a building could destroy an entire town. so there's some concern that we should look out for those. we can only detect asteroids about as big as a mountain. something smaller will creep up on us. there has been a move on the part of a private group of citizens to put up the senn tinnal, a 250 million satellite that they are hoping to get up by 2018, to give us a forewarning to get up there and
11:25 pm
deflect them. the argument is the founders point to data using censors. there has been 26 hiroshima-sized explosions around the world. for the most part these kinds of asteroids hit the ocean or uppopulated parts of the landscape. the truth of the matter is even though we like to think we know what is coming we may be subject to the random chaos of the universe. >> coming up, we are awaiting president obama's press conference with the prime minister of japan. it's running a little behind schedule. we'll bring it to you when it happens. that's ahead.
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>> welcome back, you are watching al jazeera america, and i'll john seigenthaler in new york. we are motels away from the start of -- moments away from the start of a press conference
11:28 pm
from japan. president obama and the japanese prime minister will speak. this is a picture of the palace. >> many cities across the countries are going through ghentry fibbingation. a shift in property balances. crime is down and prices through the roof. san francisco is an example. people are getting priced out and moving to oakland, edging out long-time okay land residents. melissa chan reports. . >> reporter: oakland, a dell app dated crime-ridden neighbour to san francisco, who would move here? when the financial crisis hit. opportunity knocked and brought jonathan here. >> distressed properties, typically in awful condition scrks we fix them and sell them. paint them. and added recessed candlelight. >> oakland is brooklyn by the
11:29 pm
bay, a last affordable place for a middle class family to buy a home. this man caters to the buyers, fliming houses. >> gentrification is great. it's cleaning up neighbourhoods. >> this is a housing advocacy group and do not agree. ghentry fibbingation is a scournal. oakla oakland >> those losing their homes are african-americans. once almost half oakland's population, they make up a quarter of the city. former resident walks us to his old home. >> i lived in apartment four. the rent was $1,100 and went up to 18. i couldn't live there.
11:30 pm
>> he lives 40 miles away. the long commute cuts into time he would rather spend with his children. >> he says he has no choice. >> this was a factory converted into apartments, and across the street is old oat land. some welcome newcomers, wondering if their arrive would lower crime. >> when, you know, people that lived here, born and raised here, you can't be mad at people that come in and want to buy a profit. >> they come for cheaper living and eating. the cost of everything can't be beat. it's cool and trendy to make the
11:31 pm
move. some are mindful that their entry may disrupt older communities. >> i would hope that people recognise those that come from here and stay here. >> the city looks different to what it did. some are exited to engage with old communities, already limit when old-time residents have left. >> it will soon be legal for people to carry guns anywhere in georgia. the governor signed an act into law, allowing people to bring guns into churches, bars, schools and airports. the la goes into effect july 1st. first lady michelle obama is helping military veterans transition to civil yab jobs. she and jill biden took their
11:32 pm
joint forces to a job fair to k kentucky. michelle obama announced a new online resource for veterans to access a rangeful benefits. to a story we have been covering. police shootings in albuquerque. until this week there has been 24 deaths linked to the department. since 2010 - now there are 25. on monday an officer shot and killed a 258-year-old woman. she was around and suspected of stealing a car. department policy requires officers to use a lapel camera. there's no video, according to the chief. >> we were not able to recover video from officer deer's on-body system. we sent it to the manufacture to do a technical and forensic
11:33 pm
analysis. >> nick served as an officer and commander of the albuquerque police department and later as the city's chief public safety officer. welcome, nick. >> thank you. >> what is your reaction to the shootings? >> well, of course, i can't sit and pretend to be neutral and detached. the department of the justice report there scathing, it's an indictment of the department. that being said, i think it's an opportunity for us to get better, to improve. and i niping we should embrace it and move forward. >> what needs to be done? >> again, the d.o.j. report makes 40-odd recommendations. they center around straining, and -- training, and emphasise is that we have gotten away from the principal of community poli
11:34 pm
policing >> according to the report, they have become alieniated from the citizens they serve. d.o.j. established numerous city-wide meetings. we can use this moving forward. >> there were protests in albuquerque. how did the police handle the protests? >> again, there's criticism of them. i was not there. what i know is from the print media and the broadcast media. some are suggesting that we went to force too quickly. i can't make a judgment on that. for the most part the demonstrators were peaceful. i think where it went bad was when you had individuals that had another agenda, an agenda to rile things up. perhaps destroy some property, engage in inappropriate behaviour. but all in all, i think the purpose of the demonstration,
11:35 pm
the rights of the citizens to gather and be heard was there. some individuals that you get in every instance of this type were there for other motivations. >> obviously the number of shootings is high compared to other cities. who is responsible for that? >> >> well, the latest shooting is my form are areaia command. >> it's an area replete with crime and drugs and all the situations that police officers encounter on a daily basis. my understanding of the situation is that this was a troubled young lady. apparently the officer was investigating an auto theft. >> what i'm getting at is the
11:36 pm
justice department report is zathing, and this has been going on for years. built to this point. who is responsible for the actions of the police that got got to this point. >> training, again, emphasising what the report says. we need to do a better job of training. specifically rather than using the use of force or weaponry as the first option. we should be engaged in deescalation mechanisms and training that may resolve the situation or have a better outcome to the situation. officers will respond in the way they are trained. officers will respond in the way that they are affirmed. if inappropriate activity has been the standard, as i say, we need to correct it. i think we have an opportunity to correct it and should use it
11:37 pm
as a baseline to do a better job. furthermore, let me add, the report is not just what we have to do at a department, but it indicates that there is a job for the community wide citizens to take charge of their homes, take charge of their property. we need a lot of help from the mental health community, public schools, everyone that makes up the community. >> in some ways, take charge of the police department. i mean, the mayor, and the coup and the members of the community - don't they have to say enough is enough? >> certainly. the council probably has not been as aggressive as they might be. our citizen review committee, perhaps, has not been as insightful or aggressive as it needs to be. these are issues. i'm not here to point fingers or
11:38 pm
indict anyone. this is a tool that we should use and embrace. this is - this is a department that defines me, my family, my second retired from the department. i am not going to point a finger. for the most part we have good hard-working officers. we need to do better and should do better. >> and you say defined your life and career. you were with the department for 25 years, you served as the police chief there. you know, you are the chief public safety officer. does this embarrass you, is it a black mark on the department that you love and care about so much? >> to say the least , a black eye, a black mark. if you use the force analogy, it's a kick in the gut, a slam to the ground. it's a wake up call.
11:39 pm
it's embarrassing and saddening. it is what it is. i won't quibble with the findings and conclusion. i'm saddened and embarrassed. >> you must talk to officers. what do they say? >> some disagree with the findings. recently i met with fellow retirees, and they disagree with the findings. i don't find it productive or constructive. these are findings that should be help. that should be embraced and go forward to engage in criticism of the report is counterproductive. frankly, it's no different to the report you read about portland, seattle, new orleans, newark. you read those reports. it's the same language, it talks about systematic changes, it talks about constitutional policing. who can be against that. we are all for that. let's get on with it, clelentively as a community --
11:40 pm
collectively as a community. i would hate citizens to sit by and keep score of what officers do. we all have work to do. >> i'm going to interrupt you, it's great to have you on the programme. the president of the united states is getting ready to speak. president obama, and the prime minister of japan. let's listen in.
11:41 pm
>> translation:. >> translation: barak said this before, to create a large economic zone in the asian pacific would bring about major benefits to japan, the united states and to the asian nations. the ttp was a farr-sighted plan. as a result of serious exchanges between barak and myself, japan was able to make the transition to the next stage, which was to haept in the ctp talks. it's been one year since then. and japan, along with the united states is in the role to lead in a major way the ttp talks. to make the talks between the two leaders a milestone, and so as to resolve the issues between
11:42 pm
the two countries, the minister and u.s. traderepresentative decided that they would ernstly continue the talks. president obama and i instructed that the ministers to continue these talks so as to bring to a conclusion the remaining issues to bring about major conclusion of the ttp talks as a whole. today and tomorrow the talks will continue. the joint statement, i believe will see the result of this and we'll formulate the joint statementar this. between japan and the united states we share values such as freedom, demack whereasy, human rights and rule of law. we share the basics values and strategic interests. we are global part engineers.
11:43 pm
we have partnership and strong alliance. it's a cornerstone of peace and prosperity in the asia pacific region. japan espouses the principal of proactive contribution to peace, and the yates is moving forward -- united states is moving forward with its policy of pivoting to the asian pacific, we mutually appreciated and welcomed each other's policies. having done so, between barak and myself, we were able to confirm that the japan-u.s. alliance would play a leading role in ensuring peace and prosperity of the asian pacific. this is what i wanted to communicate with you with regards to security, and the review of the japan, u.s. betweens cooperation guidelines, wide ranging cooperation would be promoted. we agreed on the point.
11:44 pm
with regard to the realignment of u.s. force, including the transfer of marines and relocation of the air station, we would make a steady process on this front. we reaffirmed the resolve on both sides to make this traps pir. >> governor, has requested termination of the operation in five years or less, with regard to this and other requests by the governor. i explain this to barak and requested further cooperation from the united states to alleviate the impacts with regards to issues international society is facing, we had a heart to heart talk. on the situation in ukraine, changing the status quo against the background of coercion and intimidation would not be condemned. we confirmed this point and the
11:45 pm
importance of providing support for ukraine and to cooperate between japan and the g7 is something that we agreed on. with regard to china, based on the rule of law, a free and open asia pacific region will developed and we'll try to engage china and agree to cooperate towards this end. with regard to moves to change the status quo to coercion and intimidation, we great that they'd oppose such moves. going forward, with regard to policies vis-a-vis china, we agreed to maintain cooperation between japan and the united states. this was confirmed. on the dprk - we confirmed that cooperation between the u.s., japan would be important.
11:46 pm
and this time barak made the time to meet. at our talks, i requested understanding and continued understanding and cooperation towards the region of the abduction issue and the president expressed his support. this month i met three times with ambassador kennedy and had this honour. we discussed the space, linear and cultural exchanges, and so this is a manifestation of the best of the cooperative relationships which existed between the two countries. in the talks between the leaders, i put forth once again the proposal to introduce technology in the united states. we had an exchange of views with regard to energy cooperation and inclusive of a society where
11:47 pm
women can shine and global issues. we agreed that we would cooperate on these issues. >> ambassador kennedy is a symbol. friendship which exists between our two countries, and the bond which exists. i'd like to cooperate with the ambassador to further deepen cooperative relations between the two countries. going forward, what supports the alliance are the youth in both of our countries to further enhance exchanges between youth, i have told barak of plans to send 6,000 japanese students to the united states. so this fiscal year. the japan-u.s. alliance is more robust than before. barr ark, you talked about the sushi last night and said it was the best you had in your life.
11:48 pm
we had a heart to heart talks for an hour and a half, and we talked about issues between the two countries and challenges of the world. we confirmed the bombs and the roles of the two countries, and we talked about the potential - of the relationship between the countries, it was enreaching and satisfactory. yesterday, the sushi was the best i had in my life so far. it is without a doubt that this is the case. so between barak and i, we want to make u.s. japan relations more favourable than ever before. >> that is all for me, thank you. >> the president of the united states. >> i want to thank prime minister shinzo abe for his kind
11:49 pm
words and welcome and outstanding sushi and sake yesterday. it is wonderful to be back in japan. it's my third visit as president. i'm deeply honoured to make the first state visit by u.s. state president in two decade. i'm grateful to their imaginesties, the emperor and empress, and i have been touched by the kindness and hospitalalties of the japanese people [ speaks japanese ] the united states is and will be a pacific nation. the security and pros perty is inseparable from this reason, which is why i made is a priority to renew stability. economic progress and security is historic treaty alliances, including with japan.
11:50 pm
prime minister abe i want to thank you for your commitment to the alliance, which has grown stronger. under your leadership japan is looking to make greater contributions to peace and security which the united states welcomes. last night we had an excellent discussion on a range of issues. we agreed to continue deepening our security cooperation, we continued to make progress to realigning forces in the region, including okinawa impacting also on local communities. as we modernize defence, forces in japan includes advanced military capabilities. we stand together in calling for disputes in the reege job, including maritime issues to be resolved peacefully, through dialogue. we share a commitment to
11:51 pm
fundamental principles to freedom of international law. our commitment to jap jp is resolute and article 5 covers up, including the islands. >> we are united with "ya in determine -- korea in determination to bring about denuclearization. we stand with japan as it seeks to resolve the nooe jp abductions of japanese citizens. beyond north-east asia, japan and the united states are working to enhance diplomatic relations with asian part yours. we are deep nipping our cooperation from the relief delivered after the typhoons in the philippines, to the military
11:52 pm
intervention in ukraine. we made important progress in the ppp, supporting good jobs and growth in the united states, as well as economic reform and revitalization in japan. we are closer to agreement on issues like automobiles and agriculture. i have been clear and honest that american manufacturers and farmers need meaningful access to markets included under tpp and in japan, that will make it a good deal for america, workers, consumers and families. that's the bottom line. at the same time prime minister abe is committed to renewing japan's economy. d perform p is a vital -- tpp is a vital part of that. japan has an opportunity to play a key leadership role in this
11:53 pm
century. now is the time for bold steps needed to reach a comprehensive yoment. i believe we can get this done. i think our countries are more prosperous when we tap the talents of all citizens. i commend the prime minister for bringing more women into the workforce, and economic security depends on energy security yip. we'll work on clean efficiencies home and abroad. finally, i'm pleased that we continue to deepen the extraordinary ties between our people. especially our young people, like the japanese students that i'll meet later today. i'm proud to announce we are launching a new programme helping more japanese students come to the united states to improve their english language skills and gain experience working in american businesses and organisations. that is part of our effort to
11:54 pm
double student exchanges by 2020. bonds, among the young people bringing us closer together for decades to come. p.m. abe, thank you for your friendship, partnership and the progress that we have made together. i want to thank you and the people of japan for being extraordinary allies, standing together i have no doubt about what our nations can achieve. so as you say here [ speaks japanese ]. >> translation: questions, those who have a question raise your hands and i'll call on you. with regard to the press call, press secretary kearney will choose the questioners. we'd like to entertain preference from the japanese press, first. >> translation: i am emma.
11:55 pm
i have a question with regard to the security. first to abe. president obama, with regard to the defense of the islands. security based on the security treaty, what discussions did you have on the exercise of security rights. to president obama the following question - based on the security treaty, the obligation to defend the islands. this is the first time you refer to the issue. why did you mention it, could you talk about the import of your stakes. >> through the talks as mentioned in the speech. between the two countries. we have a security treaty, and
11:56 pm
all of the abilities and capabilities to perform the commitment is provided, including all territories under japan. inclusive of the s, nkaku islands and actions to undermind japan of the senkaku islands, will be agreed to. the legal basis for security is being discussed. >> where regard to regional safety and alliance, and contributing to safety and stability of the region, we are making studies. this is what i explained to
11:57 pm
president obama. concerning the studies and examinations made in japan, this was welcomed, and this would be supported. that was a position expressed by president obama. >> our position is not new. secretary chuck hagel, our defense secretary when he visited. secretary of state john kerry, when he visited here. they both indicated what has been the consistent position throughout. we don't take a position on final sovereignty determinations with respect to senkaku, but historically they have been administered by japan. and we do not believe that they should be subject of change unilaterally. >> president obama and president
11:58 pm
abe live in tokyo at the press conference following their summit. they have been discussing trade, security, as you just heard, and really, essentially, reaffirming their alliance between the two countries. more on this coming up on al jazeera america. i'll see you tomorrow night. "borderland" is next.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> two hours in, we came up on a body... >> this country is crazy have problems with somebody...they him them. >> knowing this is the kind of violence that is so prevalent in the culture...are you telling me that's ok to just open up the borders and let em' all run into the united states? >> the good news is , is that you'll be cominge